OARS - Online Assessment Roll System County Based OARS for
Genesee County
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Current Version of OARS:     v3.12 (Updated 11/11/2005)

This page is only applicable for the COUNTY BASED system.  For individual town based OARS, the user will be taken directly to the main home page. 

In the COUNTY BASED system, the user will be required to select the municipality for which they wish to do their research.  Although all municipalities from a county is shown, only those participating municipalities will allow access to their data.  Participating municipalites will have a "*" (star) next to their name in the list below.   For our demo purposes, the only data we are showing is Batavia.  The Batavia data is only demo data and is in no way considered accurate for that municipality.  We would like to thank Joe Macaluso from Genessee County and Michael Cleveland from the City and Town of Batavia for allowing us to use their data for our demo site.

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